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Estuary Beans & Barley


8:00 AM - 8:30 PM

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About us

Estuary Beans and Barley is an artisan beverage company founded in 2020, on Johns Island SC. Here at Estuary, we are inspired by our community to create both beer and coffee that pushes industry standards in terms of quality and creativity. We use the highest quality ingredients while paying homage to the time-honoring traditions of roasting coffee and brewing beer.

One of our main ambitions as a company is to collaborate across multiple communities, starting locally and expanding across the globe. Within the industry, our brewery partners with local businesses to carry our beer, both on draft and in cans, as well as collaborate with local breweries to create special release draft beers. We have a long-term partnership with "Cabrinha", the largest kite surfing manufacturer across the globe. They are based out of Miami, Hawaii, Hood River Oregon, and have distributor locations across the world. Through this partnership, we have created a network within the Southeast region of the country where our beer is carried by multiple businesses. Our most recent collaboration with Bluntrock Brewery, located in Cornwall UK, allowed us to expand globally and is just the beginning of our plans here at Estuary.

We believe in all of life's victories, small or large, and celebrate them just the same. Estuary is a place to take pride in these achievements throughout your life; a place to share in your celebration with your community. Stop by our cafe and tasting room to experience the Estuary lifestyle and meet our stellar team.